Astronomical Society Meets with IMAX Co-Creator

The planetary nebula NGC 3918 in the constellation of Centaurus around 4900 light-years from Earth. Photo courtesy of NASA

By Joanna M. Lopes and Eli Davis

The Central Florida Astronomical Society hosted a meeting and Q&A session Sept. 12 at the Emil Buehler Perpetual Trust Planetarium at Seminole State College.

The Society’s main presentation was given by James Neihouse, a professional space photographer, who displayed some of his astrophotography.

Neihouse is also a professor at Full Sail University in Winter Park and has taught astronauts how to use IMAX cameras in space. He has also worked with Graeme Ferguson, a Canadian filmmaker and co-creator of the IMAX camera.

At the Planetarium meeting, it was made known that there is currently a meeting in Vienna, Austria, debating on whether Pluto is worthy of the title of a planet yet again, which is exciting for people raised with the idea that Pluto was indeed a planet and should have never had its status changed to dwarf planet.

The meeting had mini presentations about things such as the constellation of the month, the lore around it, astrophotography, and some ventures to Europe featuring interesting astronomical locations.

After the Q&A session, the head of the Planetarium and president of the Society, Derek Demeter, introduced himself and had new members introduce themselves to the crowd, one of whom was a young girl who identified herself as “a future planetarian.”

Neihouse also teaches photography workshops listed on his website,

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