New Café Expected to Offer Grab-n-Go Food this Fall in the L Building

Seminole State student Matthew Gennell, 20, enjoys Valentine's Day in the current Canteen cafe in the Student Center. Photo by Dylan Clayton

Partnership Building Cyber Café to Remain Closed

By Marjorie Occenat

Doria Richardson, 28, helps a customer in the current Canteen cafe in the Student Center Feb. 14. Photo by Dylan Clayton

The Seminole State’s Sanford/Lake Mary Campus expects to open a new Canteen café in the L Building for the fall 2019 semester, a cafeteria manager said.

The new café will cater to the students who spend more time on the west side of campus. This café will house another Starbucks and sell mostly grab-and-go convenience items, similar to a WaWa store, said David McVey, general manager of the Sanford/Lake Mary Campus for Compass-USA, the Seminole State food vendor.

The Scribe surveyed 100 students at the Sanford/Lake Mary campus. Most found the distance from their classes to the current Canteen café in the Student Center an inconvenience.

McVey said he hopes the new construction will encourage more students to visit in anticipation of gaining additional business. He also said there are no plans from his company to do anything in the closed cyber café of the Partnership Center (UP Building), which houses the college’s library.

Current Canteen Executive Chef William Muller commended the college for “going all out on the different concepts between Nature’s Table and what’s offered in the new café.” One of the biggest challenges the Canteen staff faces, he said, is spreading awareness.

Not enough students visit Seminole State’s Canteen and purchase food, he explained, so “information just doesn’t get out.”

Students on campus said another issue was the customer service. Rosemary Charles, a Canteen employee, spoke about some improvements she believes would ultimately enhance the customer satisfaction levels.

“On the Starbucks side, there are some problems with the line when placing orders because conversations take longer than expected with the employees,” Charles said.

One thing that McVey, Muller and Charles agreed on is they are eager to serve more customers.

“New café specials are uploaded on the school website every day,” Muller said.

Canteen Café has an Instagram account, which managers hope will assist in boosting awareness and, in turn, attract a greater influx of sales. Charles spoke of the same high hopes, urging faculty and students “to be more vocal, and provide feedback.”

For more information on Canteen’s menu, hours, services and social media, visit the Campus Dining link at

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