Rick Lee to Chair SSC President Search Committee

By Zach Munoz

Rick Lee, the president of Citizens Bank of Florida will serve as the chairman of the search committee responsible for assisting the Seminole State Board of Trustees in finding the next Seminole State College president.

The second president of the college, Dr. Ann McGee, announced in August that she will step down as president effective July 31, 2018.

Lee is a former Trustee of Seminole State. Included on the search committee is Wendy Brandon, chief executive officer of Central Florida Regional Hospital, as well as other administration representatives, faculty members and staff.

In addition, Seminole State’s Board of Trustees has hired the Association of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges to assist in this time-sensitive search.

With more than 90 percent of their candidates staying in their chosen roles for at least five years, and having successfully conducted more than 750 client engagements, the Association is the most trusted firm by both public and private college institutions nationwide, the Association said.

AGB is the only firm that specializes in the search of executive roles specifically for higher education institutions, according to its website. The Association is involved in the recruitment process from start to finish, using a six-step process that includes:

  • learning the institution’s leadership needs,
  • using national marketing strategies to find candidates who meet such needed qualifications,
  • performing background checks and in-depth reference conversations,
  • in-person interviews,
  • negotiation of compensation expectations,
  • and final transition assistance.

AGB said it will provide resources to perform the search for SSC’s next president, including two veteran search consultants to navigate the process, and one professional research associate to support these consultants.

“AGB understands how important these executive roles can be in the work place, so we take every possible measure to ensure a smooth transition that will reciprocate into a successful undertaking of the job,” said Anne Hoffman, associate for the AGB executive search team.

She also serves as the professional research associate involved in the finding of SSC’s next president.

Such transition actions include: preparing the new leader to assume office, coordinating the introduction to the campus, key donors, legislative and community leaders, and assisting with housing and family acclimation, Hoffman said.

“The easiest part of finding potential candidates is making sure they have all needed qualifications/certifications,” Hoffman said. “The hardest part is finding someone who is in line with the institutions plan of future growth.

“When dealing with high-end executives, they often times have their own personal strategies that may go against what the given institution has planned in the years ahead.”

She described the process as “very delicate and rigorous.”

“It is the most rewarding feeling to be able to land a leader in a position that will positively affect society as a whole for years to come,” Hoffman added.

No further details were able to be disclosed in regard to the backgrounds of the candidates they have found for the president position so far.

Seminole State Full Search Committee (seminolestate.edu)

Former Trustee

  • Rick Lee
    Former Trustee, Seminole State College

    President, Citizens Bank of Florida

    Chair, President Search Committee

The Former Trustee member to the Committee shall be the Chair of the Committee and ensure that it operates in accordance with its Charge as more fully set forth below.


  • Wendy Brandon
    Chair, Board of Trustees

    CEO, Central Florida Regional Hospital

Internal Stakeholders

  • Patty Hoenig

    Administrative Assistant III, Human Resources

    Chair, Career Service Employee Council

  • Michael McCurdy
    Instructional Designer, eLearning

    Chair, Professional Employee Council

  • Dr. Lisa Valentino
    Associate Vice President, Academic Services
  • Dee Boyette

    Professor, Mathematics

    President, UFF-Seminole

  • Dr. Kevin Jordan

    Professor, English

    President, Faculty Senate

  • J.C. Carandang

    Professor, School of Academic Foundations

  • Dwight Elliot
    Adjunct Professor, Center for Business, Legal Studies & Entrepreneurship
  • David Duvet
    Seminole State Student

    Student Government Association President, Altamonte Springs Campus

External Stakeholders

  • Robert S. Baker
    Chair, Foundation for Seminole State College
  • Dr. Walt Griffin
    Superintendent, Seminole County Public Schools
  • Pamela Nabors
    President, CareerSource Central Florida
  • Larry Campbell
    President, Seminole State Alumni Association


  • Mercedes Bermejo

    Dean of Students, Altamonte Springs Campus

  • Angel Nater

    Professor/Program Manager, Emergency Medical Services

Ex Officio (non-voting)

  • J. Paul Carland, II, Esq.

    General Counsel

  • Mae Ashby

    Associate Vice President, Human Resources

The General Counsel shall act as Parliamentarian for the Committee.

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