Vine back as six second camera app

King Bash: Known for being the most followed person on Vine

Vine officially launched its newest project, the Vine Camera App, recently. As a standard app for making six-second looping videos, the Vine Camera allows users to post videos to Twitter or save them to their phone. Standard Vine creation tools such as multi-clip trimming, the ghost tool, flash, and front-facing camera are still available as they look to brand the new app as simple video-editing software.

Twitter’s micro-video app is the first to make its way onto the scene Jan. 24, 2013 and took off thereafter as the go-to tool for short-form videos. Vine swept the Internet as users had seen nothing like it before, as its looping feature grew in popularity. There was just something about how a Vine rewound itself tirelessly upon completion that had a way with users. The app encouraged creativity to unfold as the possibilities in video creation were endless, and in 2014 became known as a video platform that played a significant role in creating the next generation of celebrities. As Vine looked to dominate, challengers Instagram and Snapchat caught on and gave its users the ability to make ten and fifteen second videos.

Vine has dropped out of the race against apps to create the best user friendly video app, but has managed to begin a new endeavor as it looks to expand upon video-editing capabilities with their new Vine Camera application.

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