Pelicans Steal the Kings Treasure.

Boogie and The Brow

Feb. 19, the Sacramento Kings made a trade that surprised many in the basketball world. They traded their best player in Demarcus Cousins to the New Orleans Pelicans for a couple first round draft picks and role players. For the Pelicans, this was by far a great trade, they acquired a top tier player in the game right now, and not only that, their power forward Anthony Davis just won the NBA-All Star game’s most valuable player and is considered by many experts as one of the best players in the NBA.

The skill set that Cousins brings to the Pelicans has the potential to compliment Davis’ game very well. Davis has an excellent shot from mid range, and is even a threat behind the 3 point line, all while being a big man that averages nearly 12 rebounds a game, while Cousins is no stranger beyond the arc, he’s a strong post player and is averaging roughly 27 points per game and is bringing down more than 10 rebounds per game. These two hybrid bigs look to change things around for the future of the Pelicans.

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