Tech Theatre Works Behind the Scenes to Make Memorable Productions

One of the electronic boards used by the Seminole State Tech Theatre team. Photo by Nick Orefice

By Nicholas Orefice

Every year, Seminole State’s Center for Fine and Performing Arts presents six major productions. Without the technical work behind the scenes, these productions would not be possible.

“The talent on stage would have no clothing, no scenery to walk, and not be able to be seen at all or heard,” said Joshua Jacobs, technical director for the Center.

Technical theatre is everything that goes into the making of a staged production: it ranges from costume and makeup to stage lighting and audio engineering. Almost all of the technical preparation and work occurs behind the curtains, which means the audience won’t perceive the work that goes into it.

The team of any technical area has to come together as one to create a perfect balance of harmony come show time and, as Jacobs pointed out, “…without all the technical aspects it would be much more difficult to tell that story.”

Costume and set designers have to create what fits, not only the time period of the play, but also the living conditions and the vision that the original playwright had in mind.

Jacobs works mainly with the sound of the productions. He said appreciation for technical theatre gets lost at times.

“The booth operators are huge in bringing a staged production to life,” he said. “Your sound team not only provides a tune for a musical but also the background noises that bring the environment displayed to life.”’

The work of everyone that dedicates time and effort to bring entertainment to an audience should be recognized more often, even if they were not seen by the public.

Technical theatre highlights and magnifies the talent of each individual actor by making their environment more lifelike, which, in the end, contributes toward the making of a memorable production.

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