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Samantha Ciresi, Altamonte Campus SGA President

unspeakable crime

By Samantha Ciresi

Words can’t describe the way I feel
When I look into your eyes.
The fuel to the burning flame of rage inside me.
The reason that I lie awake nightly.

Words can’t describe the things I see
When I look into your eyes.
I see through the disguise.
I see the true person you’re under the charming exterior.
I see the despicable person you’re on the interior.

Words can’t describe the pain hidden behind my eyes.
The tears that I never cry.
You don’t see the deep scars under my skin
The ones your monstrosity left behind.

You tore me apart for your own joy
Treated me like I was your toy
Who gave you the right?
To commit such an unspeakable crime?
To take something of mine that was not yours to take?
To say that I asked for such a fate

Unfortunately, the past cannot be altered
But we certainly can look for a brighter future.
Whether the fabric is short or long.
It does not give you the power to say it wasn’t wrong.

I hope one day there is no news of rape.
Or another nonconsensual tape.
I hope that humanity can change for the better.
For the sake of all the men and women who have been through this endeavour.

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